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I just joined JibJab recently and I can tell you that my wife and I had a good laugh at the funny video of the Bunny Dance for the Easter season. Our friends on FaceBook also had a good laugh… and it’s so important to have some of these moments to relax from daily stress.

JibJab has a library of videos in four main categories: “Every Day Fun”, “Celebrate”, “Just to Say”and “Holidays”. What you have to do is choose the video you want to send or share as an eCard and upload the faces of family and friends you want to be shown on the bodies of the characters in the video. Follow the simple process and your video will be created.

This is my Family…

This is my daughter…

… and this is me!

If you haven’t danced before in bunny costumes, it’s worth trying.


JibJab is not free, but it’s worth the investment. A yearly membership costs only $18 and you can make as many videos as you want. My only regreat is that you have to pay extra ($1.99) to download the video. Viewing the videos online and being able to share them is enough most of the time.

About JibJab

JibJab is a digital media company dedicated to making funny things worth sharing. We’ve been pioneering online entertainment production and distribution since 1999. From political satires like the 2004 smash hit This Land to offbeat Sendables® eCards and personalized Starring You!® videos, our insanely audacious goal is to make billions of people happy.

Our company consists of the best artists, comedians, writers, musicians, performers, technologists and business people to produce world-class original entertainment on the Internet.



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