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Making Money From Home:

As I login in my Ezine Articles account I see that I have written and published 58 articles there in the past few years. I have earned this badge that I can display on my sites showing that I am an “Expert Author”. Nowadays, I am not writing for article directories and prefer to publish my articles on this blog or my other blog

Below is an article about Making Money From Home I wrote and published in Ezine Articles a couple of years ago.


Making Money From the Comfort of Your Own Home

By Michel Gerard

In the modern world, technology has taken the place of many things staple to us. Communication to our family and friends has become a click away. Conventional snail mail and letter are now considered ancient in most places around the globe. E-mail, instant messaging, chat rooms and other online features have now taken the throne. Networking sites have also kept people in touch without really seeing each other in person. The same is now possible with managing banking accounts, setting up online shops, buying stuff and availing services through the internet, and many more. This new trend has opened new doors for the online community, doors leading to the ability to work home-based, necessitating nothing but a computer and internet connection.

Different websites are now offering just this. We first saw the services offered in E-bay, the site where people can post their stuff that they want to sell. Then, education became a profitable online gig. Students from around the globe who couldn’t afford time to go to conventional schools or universities can now enroll in online teaching programs which operate mainly through internet chat and e-mail.

Something novel has been creating a big brouhaha in the internet world. People looking for work are now fussing over doing work online. This is made possible by websites that mediate the posting of job positions and applications. Employers display positions where they would like to hire workers, and possible employees apply to these postings.

When an employee eyes a job that he thinks is fit for him, he reviews the employer’s conditions and specifications. If he passes the application and gets candidacy for the job, the two parties talk about the work conditions such as deadlines and how much the pay would be.

Making Money From Home

Online job postings provide a whole variety of specialties and skills that could cater to most, if not all, job seekers. Web development, design, writing and translation jobs, graphic design, multimedia services, networking, and software development are just some of the jobs that could be found online.

The advantages of this type of work are seeping through. Efficiency and convenience top the list. On the side of the worker, leaving the comfort of home isn’t necessary to earn money. All he needs is a computer and internet connection. On the other side, the employer also benefits. He doesn’t need to manually search for people to work for him. There is reduced stressing over face-to-face screening and interviews, because these have been made easier by the availability of online employee/applicant profiles. These are made ready for the employer to review the applicant’s credentials and go through his ability to perform the task asked of the job, saving time and energy.

The disadvantages are inevitable, as in most fields of work. The most feared, probably, is getting scammed. Scammers pose themselves as qualified employers, asking for work, and running off without paying employees once the work is done. This is now handled by most online job offers by security checks and validating payment ability and methods of employers, though.

In summary, looking through every nook and cranny would be up to the judgment of the job seeker if online jobs are for him or not.

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Making Money From Home

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I hope you enjoyed this article about Making Money From Home.

Of course, as the years pass and new technologies appear there are more and more possibilities formaking money from home.

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