Manage Posting of Status to Social Media Sites


It is quite difficult to find a service that can post and schedule your social media status to multiple social media accounts. I have tried a lot of free and paid services, and it seems that none can do a complete job on their own.

Some can post a status from a blog’s RSS feed and also manually to 30, 40 or 50 bookmarking and social sites; some others are very limited with 2, 5 or 10 sites; some post your status immediately while others provide a scheduler.

I am not looking at something that can manage all the social feeds in one place, but a service to facilitate the posting of social media status with scheduling ability to as many sites as possible.

Manage Posting of Status to Social Media Site

The first site I have used, and still use is Onlywire.

This paid service is great. It can post your status from the site or RSS feed to 50 Networks. The problem I found is that networks have to be re-activated regularly and the account has to be monitored often. It also lacks the possibility of scheduling posts.


Scheduling is important. I don’t want for example to have 10 posts on my FaceBook Timeline, all posted within the hour I am on the computer. I’d rather have them posted throughout the day so many more of my friends see the updates. A tool that does just that is PostCron.

PostCron is great as you can schedule your posts for FaceBook (profile, pages and groups) and Twitter. Google + is on the way… The free version is limited to 5 social media profiles and 10 scheduled posts. The inexpensive monthly fee can save you a lot of time and it works perfectly. The only problem is that you have only 2 networks.


There is then the popular HootSuite, which is an excellent service for managing the feeds and messages from all your accounts.

HootSuite can post to 7 SocialMedia sites and more with the free or paid add-ons. The scheduling tool is excellent, but the whole service is overwhelming. A must have if you want to manage all your social media feeds in one place and interact with your audience, but overkilled if you only want to use it for posting.


There is another service called Yoono.

Yoono is a bit like HootSuite as you can manage several social media feeds. They supportFaceBook profile and page, MySpace, Youtube, Twitter, Flicker, FriendFeed, Linkedin andFourSquare. I particularly like this Free service as it is very easy to use. Unfortunately they do not have scheduling for your posts…


What service can post or schedule at the same time to the 4 most important Social Media Networks: a FaceBook profile, a FaceBook page, Linkedin, Twitter (the same message shortened) and a Google+ profile?

I have found none! Have you?
Please let me know.

I will in a future blog post show you how to schedule and post to multiple social media sites using a combination of free services.

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