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Lisa Williams:

This Sunday, a little entertainment with this amazing video about Lisa Williams‘ public reading. Lisa Williams is my favorite psychic, what she says moves me it will you too!

If you think there is nothing after death, think twice.
And don’t forget your Kleenex while watching.

Lisa Williams

Psychic Medium Lisa Williams 2013 Tour Schedule

I found this blog about Lisa Williams and her next live events schedule for 2013.

Lisa Williams

Psychic Medium, author and television star Lisa WIlliams, who was featured in the Psychic television shows ‘Life Among the Dead’ and “Voices from the Other Side’ has a full Psychic event schedule for 2013 to the delight of her many loyal fans.

Psychic Medium Lisa Williams performs her Psychic shows and events all around the world to her broad worldwide audience, attempting to connect loved ones who have crossed over through her intimate Psychic Clairvoyant Readings. The famous Psychic Clairvoyant also offers spiritual development courses to help train the next generation of Psychic Medium’s – sharing her amazing gifts with others.

If you are interested in attending one of Psychic Lisa Williams seminars or shows, be sure to check out her 2013 events.

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