Membership Site Coming Soon… What Do you Want to See?


I have been very busy the past week planning and starting to build my first membership site. Contrary to building a blog, there are many moving parts to take into account when creating a membership site… and it takes a lot of time.

The most challenging is to plan a site structure, membership levels and products that make sense for the targeted audience. Technically, the site is created on WordPress with a theme called“OptimizedPress 2.0” and a plugin called “OptimizedMember”.

These three tools are all you need to build a great membership site. They make it easy to create pages and protect them within membership levels without having to be a coder. This does not mean it is simple, as there is a moderate learning curve to use these tools.

The membership site is called IM Study Club at and it is intended for Internet Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build a presence online and promote their off-line or online business. The site will have a knowledge bank with articles and videos, recommended resources and video tutorials. There will be a Free and paid membership with premium content.

This leads me to ask you my dear readers, what you would like to find in the membership site that could be useful to you?


Michel Gerard

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