Money Affirmations for Prosperity


Money affirmations to bend the universe:

It is a known fact that positivity attracts good things in your life while negativity brings you only crap. If you have been unsuccessful in your life or business you may want to try the money affirmations that are presented in this video. Some people will listen to this audio daily or make a loop and listen to it in their sleep.

You can actually SPEAK money into your life, try it!… (Law Of Attraction)

You can actually SPEAK money into your life, try it!...(Law Of Attraction)

Published on May 7, 2013
This money affirmations audio was created by Grant Raymond Barrett (Background music not included). Source

Money affirmations

I love feeling as if I have plenty of money.
I choose to feel good about money now.
As I feel good about money, money must come.
I welcome financial freedom and ease now.
I give myself permission to be as rich as I want.
I deserve to have plenty of money.
I believe that money is flowing to me now.
I can feel my abundance growing daily.
I trust the universe to grow my abundance.
I just have to let go and allow money to flow.
Attracting money is fun if I relax and allow it.

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Do these money affirmations work?

What you put in your mind makes the person you are. If you are filling your mind with garbage in watching depressing news, listening to complainers, etc… all that you get is what you think about. In the contrary, if you put in your mind useful and positive things for yourself, your thoughts are changed and what you think about becomes reality.

Of course this does not work if you stay still, you have to take some kind of action to attract the positive things you want to happen in reality. If you watch this money affirmations video everyday, expecting that it will make you win the lottery, you are set for great disappointment. But, if you take the opportunities that are presented to you and work on them, you have a greater chance to succeed because your mind is programmed for success.

I hope you will find these money affirmations useful.

To your success.

Michel Gerard

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