New Mercedes Benz – When things go wrong!


New Mercedes Benz refuses to start:

Monday is the worse day of the week for lots of people. It is not always a bad day for me, but this Monday started not very well as my new Mercedes Benz failed me early morning. The car started normally and let me go one kilometer away to the gas station.

New Mercedes Benz

Just after the LPG gas tank was filled the car refused to start again. Obviously either it was an empty battery or a loose cable. After trying a few times I decided to leave my new Mercedes Benz there and I walked my kilometer back home. If there is something I am not good at, it is mechanic…

Hopefully, I still have my old Mercedes Benz 230 and I was able to reach my office on time. I am selling this old car I have driven for 5 years and yesterday someone came to see it. Today, I am grateful that he didn’t buy it, this gives me the possibility to still go to my office without taking a cab.

New Mercedes Benz makes jokes

It seems that the new Mercedes Benz really wanted to get some car care at the garage as on Friday a little incident happened. I was at the garage where all my cars get fixed to renew my yearly car insurance. By mistake I left the keys inside the car and shut the door. I couldn’t open it again.

Gosh! When things go wrong…

Kindly, the garage owner drove me back home in his car to get a set of spare keys I had made just after buying my new Mercedes Benz.

Always have spare keys of your car…

I have a friend who had to break a window to open the door of his vehicle…

When things go wrong like this, I always try to find something positive in it.

For the keys I left in my new Mercedes Benz while shutting the door, the positive thing in that experience is that it is not likely to happen again. I am grateful that this happened just a few kilometers from my house and that I was obsessed my having spare keys made when I bought the car.

For the battery failure this morning, the positive thing is that it happened just one kilometer from home and that my regular mechanic was able to attend to it easily during the day. I learned in the afternoon that the car is ready, nothing serious hopefully.

New Mercedes Benz

I also had the enjoyment to drive my old Mercedes Benz 230 again before it is sold and can show with an advert on all windows that the car is for sell… And by the way, even if the new car is ready, I will have to enjoy driving this one again tomorrow as someone gave me an appointment to see it at lunch time close to my office…

Am I getting lucky?

When little annoying things like this happen in life, there is nothing you can do but take them with a smile. A good attitude will not ruin the day and you may receive something good to balance with the unfortunate experience…

Can’t wait driving my new Mercedes Benz again!

Michel Gerard

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