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eCommerce business:

My wife started an eCommerce business 2 years ago. The website sells baby, toddler and young children clothes for the Thai market. The goods come from China and she is able to offer the clothes for a very affordable price to her customers. She started with a small investment, the clothes were stocked under our desks at that time.

eCommerce Business

Then, the customers started to come in, buying the products, even pre-ordering them before they have been ordered to suppliers. We bought two metallic shelves that we set at the side of our desks to stock the clothes as we had more and more coming. A little while later, we had to buy an additional metallic shelve that we set at the side of the stairs.

This was still not enough and we decided to assign one of the small bedroom we had to stock the goods and we were set with six shelves. Pretty soon, products were everywhere, on top of shelves on the floor. This was not because we had no sales, in the contrary, the eCommerce business was growing nicely…

We then had to leave our large bedroom to stock the products and we moved in the small bedroom. This was necessary, and ten metallic shelves later, more and more products arrived. We had to put them on top of shelves and on the floor making the area very crowded again. A time of packing, it was difficult to find where each product is…

This was a mess again!

 eCommerce business

We had to look for other options to expand the eCommerce business as a large variety of products mean more storage needed, but also more sales. We got the solution to our problem when the house just in front of ours was put on sale. We bought it 8 days ago.

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Today, I assembled 10 more shelves, in order to start moving products from one house to the other. ( See photo!) Just a private road to cross, we will not have to hire movers… The new space will be an opportunity for us to stock the products in a better order so they can be found easily when packing. When the 10 shelves in our house are emptied, we will move them over to the new house and dispatch them in the 2 small bedrooms there. We probably will need more.

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