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RebelMouse – Another great Social Media tool:

I came across RebelMouse accidentally when looking at my traffic statistics for my blog. I noticed that there was traffic coming to my blog from a site named, a little mouse icon was showing and I was intrigued. As I checked it out I immediately liked the design and what it does.


Click the image above to go to RebelMouse.

Your Social Front Page
RebelMouse organizes your online presence into a beautiful, dynamic and social site — in minutes.

RebelMouse is a free social media aggregator that will nicely display in one place all your social media posts. It emphasizes the posts with media, photos or videos, and display them on the home page, and let you decide if you want the text only posts display as well.

RebelMouse is so easy to use that a child could set an account and have a site in 5 minutes. The first thing to do after sign-up is to choose the extension for your profile and a type of header. Then, you connect to the system the different social media services you have… and voilà! You can also connect your blogs’ RSS feeds.

This is what you get for FREE with RebelMouse:

  • Your social, real-time site at
  • Embed your front pages on your own domain with clear RebelMouse branding.
  • Drag and drop posts to any spot on the page and freeze in a certain spot to control your front pages.
  • Bring all your social efforts together across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr and dozens of others.
  • Launch Rebel Nav – navigation and sub pages within your RebelMouse site.

Check out how my RebelMouse site looks like:


Click the image above to see my RebelMouse site or Click Here.

What Else can you Do with RebelMouse?

There are a number of other things that you can do with RebelMouse. You can create additional pages for specific topics and content within your site, and you can also choose a page layout and design. There is a WordPress plugin that you can use if you want RebelMouse to be the Home Page on your blog or you can embed it to any page.

It is what I did on my blog:


Click the image above to see RebelMouse on my blog or Click Here.

There is a Draft section where all the text only posts and duplicates are stored in order for you to decide which posts you want displayed on the Home page. A statistics section will show you not only the “Clicks” you had on the page, but the “Mouse Overs”

You may also display a button like this one so people can follow you on RebelMouse:

Or display a banner:


If you are not using RebelMouse, you are missing out!

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