Anonymous hacker who cost Paypal millions escapes jail

Anonymous hacker Just came across this news. It is a shock to see that this young guy with his friends have real skills they could use in a good way for themselves or others. The Anonymous hacker group could certainly make a positive difference instead of attacking big corporations and their clients. A 16-year-old ‘hacktivist’ Read More →

How to get the habit of managing your money?

Managing your money I am currently re-reading the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by Eker, T. Harv, and this book has really good tips on managing your money. The author says that in order to be granted more money in life, you first have to manage what you have properly. When you gain the ability to Read More →

Who is Chuck Hagel?

Who is Chuck Hagel? Do you know who is this guy? Read more about Chuck Hagel below. WASHINGTON — President Obama’s nominee for secretary of defense, Chuck Hagel, will appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday morning for what is likely to be a combative confirmation hearing focusing on Iran, Israel and the American Read More →

Iraq war veteran gets double arm transplant

Iraq war veteran This piece of news kept my attention. Not only this Iraq war veteran lost his arms during the war, but his legs. Brendan Marrocco, 26, is believed to be the first US soldier from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars to survive losing all four limbs. Photograph: Zuma/Rex Features I can’t imagine how Read More →

Lisa Williams – Pamela and William’s Reading

Lisa Williams This will be a short post today. I have been staying home in bed with acute diarrhea due to food poisoning and this is not fun. What I do during these days of sickness is rest, read and watch Youtube videos. I like to watch videos related to mysteries, extra terrestrial stories, ghost and Read More →