Upgrading to the Inner Circle – Empower Network

I have just upgraded to the Inner Circle in the Empower Network and I don’t regret it. The amount of Audios there is huge and it will take some time before I actually listen to them all. As Dave & Dave explained in their videos, it is necessary to fill our mind with useful content Read More →

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by Eker, T. Harv

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is a great book written by “Money Evangelist” T. Harv Eker. The book explains in detail how rich people think compared to poor or middle class people. Basically, if you learn how to think like the rich, you will eventually become rich. We all have a Money Blue Print that was Read More →

10th Anniversary Phuket International Soccer 7s

Today, I would like to talk about the Phuket International Soccer 7s tournament, which is run by my company, Reperages Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd and Leisure Events from Australia. The tournament started 10 years ago in 2003 with only ten teams, 2 foreign and the rest local, and was played in a vacant lot between Read More →

A few useful Thai words and phrases

I first learned the Thai language in Paris some 20 years ago at the Institut National des Langues Orientales (INALCO). I shortly after came to Thailand and it is where I improved my language skills mostly in listening to people. It is amazing how much you can learn sitting at a table in a street Read More →

How this 19 years old retired in Thailand?

This is amazing what people can do to succeed when they have the drive to do so. Dakota lives in Thailand, like I do. He is very successful at the young age of 19! Congratulations Dakota!   If you are not signed-up to the Empower Network yet, CLICK HERE