Learn How to Set Up your Dash Masternode with Jerry Banfield

How to set up a Dash Masternode

Dash is a cryptocurrency with a focus on privacy and high speed transactions. It is different from Bitcoin and the other altcoins because it offers the possibility to own a Dash Masternode, which pays you dividends. Unlike the other altcoins where you make money when the price increases and lose money when the price decreases, a Read More →

How to Enroll in a Free Premium SkillShare Class

Free Premium SkillShare Class

Enrolling in a Free premium SkillShare class is easy if you don’t have an account with SkillShare, but if you do have one, and you are logged in, you won’t be able to add any more premium classes. In this blog post I am going to show you the process to get all your Free premium SkillShare classes Read More →

World History Reloaded an Alternative to Mainstream History!

Is ancient history as we know it a big lie? Listen to World History Reloaded, Jerry Banfield’s latest audiobook on Audible and Amazon Kindle. You may be like me, not satisfied about the mainstream ancient history as it is presented to you. There are many things that can’t be explained in ancient history books like Read More →

Skillshare Premium Minutes Watched Case Study February 2017

Skillshare Premium Minutes Watched Case Study February 2017

Are Skillshare premium minutes watched counted when a premium student enrolls via a free link? This 2017 case study gives you the answer. With the new 2017 changes in Skillshare on how teachers get paid, I had the understanding that Premium students enrolling in a class via a free link didn’t count for premium minutes watched. Skillshare has contradicting statements Read More →

Jerry Banfield’s Podcast Day 63: Make An Outrageous Offer!

Jerry Banfield's podcast

Make An Outrageous Offer is day 63 of Jerry Banfield’s podcast called the “Happier People podcast,” and in this episode, which is live for the first time, you will hear what Jerry Banfield thinks is a crazy and genuine offer to help with any problem in your life based on seeking your help with bettering his life and based on Read More →