Where to Buy Quality PLR Video Courses?


Would you like to know where you can buy quality PLR video courses that you can then sell on your own website or use to build your own e-learning platform like Udemy and Skillshare?

PLR Video Courses on Uthena!

If you have been looking at purchasing quality PLR video courses in the past, you will know how difficult it is because most PLR offered are articles, email sequences, ebooks and reports.

There are, of course, PLR video courses that you can find on different specialized websites, but they are generally very short, with 10 videos at best and ranging between 30 minutes to one hour.

The best PLR video courses I have bought in the past were sold directly by the authors for a very limited time via special offers.

Where to Buy Quality PLR Video Courses?

There is one website that you must visit if you want to resell video courses and it is Uthena.com.

Now, I have to tell you that Uthena was started by Jerry Banfield in 2019 and I have been working with him on the website since the beginning. Uthena started as a normal video course platform where we invited more than 50 instructors to have their courses published.

In January 2020, Jerry Banfield partnered with me, and I am responsible for running Uthena. We decided to make Uthena a Private Label Rights marketplace for video courses, and we are now strong with 179 quality PLR video courses and 8 bundles.

PLR video courses

We are putting a ton of energy to make available the best quality PLR video courses by Udemy instructors: Jerry Banfield, Alex Genadinik, Laurence Svekis, Edwin Bomela, Sergey Kasimov, Thushyanthan A. and Jan Taylor.

These are video courses that are proven and have sold on other platforms, so you can feel confident that they are great courses.

All video courses go from one hour to 40+ hours of video, so it’s quite different from what you may have found elsewhere.

You can resell the video courses as they are without any edit or you may edit them as you want. You can easily add an intro and outro to each video to brand them. There is a PLR license that tells you exactly what you can and cannot do with the videos.

You can also buy PLR bundles, which is a great saving like this one with 77+ ready to resell courses: Jerry Banfield Forever All Course PLR Bundle or this Alex Genadinik PLR Bundle with 76 ready to resell courses.

PLR video course bundles

I am very confident that you will love the video courses we have available as Private Label Rights and I invite you to have a look here: https://uthena.com/collections?category=plr

There is also a Facebook page with updates: https://www.facebook.com/plrvideocourses/

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