Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better? Answer by Jerry Banfield


Would you like to learn which one is better, poor vs rich, because in his YouTube video Jerry Banfield compares the two and I’m sure you will like it as much as I did?

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better? Answer by Jerry Banfield

This is the best video about this topic I have watched on YouTube and maybe one of Jerry Banfield’s best video that I really enjoy watching.

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better?

When you read these two questions the answer that immediately comes to mind for most people is of course “Rich.”

Who wouldn’t want to be rich?

What Jerry explains with many examples in his video is that the poor and rich person are not so different after all. Both of them have their own issues of not having enough money and having too much money.

One of the common fear of the rich is to lose all their money and they have so much choices on how to spend it that they don’t know what to do.

The rich are afraid: “What will happen to my money? Where do I go to eat tonight? I can eat anywhere I want to. Where should I go? I don’t know. There are so many choices. I’ll just stay home and order the same thing I did last night.”

Both the poor and the rich struggle with alcoholism.

The poor man begs on the street, gets twenty dollars, buys a bottle of vodka that goes back to feed another rich man who stresses and is afraid constantly of whether he will keep making enough money, and maybe he will get to take a vacation before he dies.

At the end the poor and the rich are the same.

Their souls both rise next to each other for in death no one has any money anymore. The illusion of differences in money is completely removed.

Money is just pieces of paper and zeros in a bank account.

No amount of zeros on a bank account can say enough or not enough. It is up to each of us to decide what is enough. Do I have enough today?

What if the opposite of rich was not poor and the opposite of poor was not rich, but having enough?

In Jerry Banfield’s video you will learn that having enough is maybe the best position to be in and that living in the now will take care of your future and make sure that you always will have enough, without the fear to lose it all or wanting to get it all.

I’d like to recommend that you read Jerry’s post on his blog: https://jerrybanfield.com/poor-vs-rich/

Or watch the video below.

How to Stop Judging the Poor and Quit Thinking the Rich Live Life Better?

How to Stop Judging the Poor and Quit Thinking the Rich Live Life Better?

Published on July 31, 2018.

Rich vs Poor? Which is really better? How do we quit thinking rich is better while judging the poor? Will you please find out by watching this video because you might enjoy seeing how rich and poor are both the same with the opposite of feeling good enough? Thank you for enjoying another episode of Happier People podcast!

Poor vs Rich? Which is Truly Better? #200

Or on Jerry’s website: https://jerrybanfield.com/podcast/

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