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I am amazed on how it is easy nowadays to hire workers on the Internet. I have an important blog post I wanted to translate in 23 different languages and I turned to my favorite platform Less than ten minutes after I posted my job offer I already had applications of qualified translators offering their professional translation services. A few hours later two 850 words translations were done and posted on my blog.

Not so long ago when you wanted a translation you had to find a professional translation servicesfirm in your area to have your text translated. It often took a week to have it completed and the price was quite prohibitive. This was particularly challenging with languages like Russian, Polish, Arabic, Japanese or Vietnamese, and even more expensive. At times it is still necessary to go to these firms as some are approved by administrations and embassies for certified translated documents.

If you have a webpage, blog post, business letter, eBook, manual or audio translated, it is far more cheaper to look at the excellent contractors available online at instead of the brick and mortar professional translation services firms.

The advantage of using is that each contractor has a profile, resume, list of past online jobs with the clients’ comments, amounts paid and a star rating. There are also different professional assessment tests that contractors complete and this gives a good indication if the person is competent or not for the job you offer. This ensure you will get quality and professional translation services.

Not Only Professional Translation Services

Odesk is not only a place to find translators, but also a variety of other online workers: copywriters, web designers, programmers, admin assistants, sales, telemarketers, bookkeepers, accountants, illustrators and voice-over artists… to name just a few.

This is a screenshot just to give you an idea:

Professional Translation Services

I was very satisfied by the professional translation services I received form all the different translators, the speed it was done and the low cost.

If you would like to see all the translators available in Odesk, CLICK HERE.

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