Protect Yourself Against Online Social Media Tyranny


Online Social Media Tyranny:

Social Media is a good way to build a brand, let people know about yourself and what you do, and promote your business. The only problem is that your efforts in promoting on these platforms can be ruined overnight and at worst all your content, friends, circles, or whatever you were sharing lost. That’s what I like to call Online Social Media Tyranny

It is essential to have all your main and original content, articles, text, comments, photos on a site that you control. If you directly post them on any online social media, you are taking a risk to see them disappear. Use a blog that you control instead to post all your original content and then share the blog post on your online social media platform… If you have lots of photos, you may create your own Photo Gallery.

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Online Social Media: FaceBook

I have used FaceBook for a while now and I found them moderately cool. You can mostly post whatever you want as long as it is not illegal. They are serious about spamming, which is a good thing in order to eliminate bad content and repetitive offers.

Some people for example will get in FaceBook jail for sending too many private messages to their friends, mostly with offers and links in them. They also get in FB jail if they are making to many friend requests…

I personally had one issue with a FaceBook page I gave to a freelance worker to manage for me. The “Like” button was disabled for a month because I had too many Likes coming in a short period of time. So to say, it is important to select the right social media manager who know how to engage people without getting you banned. I manage all my pages myself now and do not have a single problem.

Online Social Media: Youtube

Big Brother Google do not like online marketers and they started to slap the same marketers that made their success with Adwords. We are all banned now, which is not a problem because there are plenty of PPC alternatives. Now they are doing the same with the different online social media platforms they own.

Youtube is a great video sharing platform, but since Google have acquired them, you can find your Youtube channel shut-down at any time. I am not talking of accounts with illegal content in videos, but videos of Internet marketers talking mostly on how they make money online. Having your channel shut-down mostly happen with the help of competitors or haters flagging your videos. If you post doggy videos there is no risk.

Online Social Media: Google+

I very recently started to work my Google+ account and they are the king of Online Social Media tyranny. I started to add a few people to my circles and share my daily blog post, and other people’s content publicly.

After a few weeks, I decided to make a Google+ page for my BIM business identical to the one I have on FaceBook to post articles, videos and content related to the business. Just the time to upload my logo and my header and I received a “Spamming” warning. Only one post and a warning? I deleted the page, no need to waste time with them.

I then continued to share my daily blog posts and others’ content reasonably for another week and then I received this:

Online Social Media

Is it the post on my daughter’s birthday that triggered the Spam filter and blocked my account for 15 days?

Even when I read their Policies, I do not see anything that I have done wrong: User Content and Conduct Policy

I just do not know what to post and what not to post, it is not clear.

If it was only me! My friend Alain got his Google+ limited for 15 days as well, just a couple of days ago… He is posting different content and he too, does not have a clue.

This happened to another friend on Empire Avenue:

A couple of days ago my google account was unexpectedly suspended due to a violation of the policy of regulated goods. I couldn’t find anything and told them so, a couple of time. Result suspension lifted.

Protect yourself against online social media tyranny and get your original content in your own blog prior posting it on your social media account.


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