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Qwant is a new search engine that has just launched this January 2013, after 2 years of research and development. French media have praised this initiative: “a 100% French search engine to kill Google”


Qwant was created by a French company and provides search results in many different languages. The originality of this search engine is the way results are displayed. On the same page, you are able to see results for the Web, Live, Social, Media and Shopping results. There is also a knowledge graph in the center of the page that will show you an extract from Wikipedia.


From their About page:

QWANT is a new generation search engine: with QWANT, the entire web is available with one click, on one screen.

QWANT makes web surfing simpler, easier and faster: no more need to go to multiple sites, it’s all on QWANT.

QWANT offers the first web and social service, where you can dynamically use the power of your own brain to refine search in classic Web, Live, Social, Media and Shopping verticals so as to reach exactly the information and the people you are looking for, those that answer your exact query of the moment.


According to LiamBoogar, co-founder and editor for the Rude Baguette, Qwant is not a search engine that could compete with Google as they are not the new generation search engine they claim to be.

Let’s not worry about what they really are (just a poor UX with a different way of organizing search results), and let’s forget the fact that, unlike DuckDuckGo, I frankly don’t like the results that come up when i search “rude baguette” on the service. It’s not because Qwant was using bing to power its search results that it won’t succeed, it’s because it was trying to be a next generation search engine while still being a search engine.

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