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Self-development Audios

I have been listening to audio and reading books about self-development for three months and I have already seen positive results in my life.

The most important is that I have been able to make better decisions and take action. This has produced better results in my online business, but also in my wife’s e-commerce business. I have somehow influenced her with my suggestions and positive energy I got from the self-development audios I listen in my car everyday.


This January, we have been able to secure a loan for a second house we are buying that will serve as a store house for the e-commerce business, and this will enable it to grow faster. We have also started to improve the house we are living in by building a new kitchen an a new bathroom in the backyard. We will have the construction workers for a month.

I like to think that a modern and organized kitchen was my wife’s dream, while the bathroom was mine; it will have a bathtub that I have dreamed about for years… Finally, I bought the plane ticket for myself, wife and baby girl, to visit my father this April in France.

I really believe that I would not have had all these things happening if I hadn’t developed myself with reading and listening to these self-development audios.

Self-development Audios:

Recommended Self-development Audios

– Bob Proctor – Success Puzzle [Audio CD]

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