Set Mini Goals that your Subconscious Mind can Accept


Setting goals that are too high can work against you. Imagine that your goal is to make a million dollars in the next 2 years. This can be a very easy task for someone who already is a millionaire, but for the average person, it seems unreachable.

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Set Mini Goals that your Subconscious Mind can Accept

Many mind gurus teach that visualizing the goal, in this case a million dollars, can tell your subconscious mind what you want and consequently the universe tends to send what you want your way. The difficult part is to have your mind believe and accept what you suggest.

Another method is to “act as if” you had already achieved the goal. In that case, you act as if you already had the million dollars in your pocket. For example, visit the mansion of your dream with the real estate agent, and then afterwards make a movie in your head of you living in the mansion. Have a test drive arranged with the Ferrari dealer and then drive your dream car in your imagination. Park it in the driveway of your imaginary mansion…

Does that really work?

Some people says it works… but, for most, it is really too much for their subconscious mind to accept and get any chance of success.

What about segmenting this big goal and setting more realistic mini goals? Does making $100,000in the next 6 months more realistic? It is, of course, if you already have a business running that will be the vehicle to achieve the mini goal. Big or small monetary goals can’t be achieved on their own without a plan and taking action, but I am sure dear reader that you understand that, do you?

Now using the two mind methods above, visualization and “act as if”, you will suggest to the subconscious mind something that it thinks is more achievable. Your mind won’t have to constantly fight your subconscious mind with unrealistic goals and consequently your chances of success are higher.

Setting mini goals works at any level you are at, if $100,000 is still too high, you may set a mini-goal at $30,000. Achieving the first mini-goal is very important as it will show your subconscious mind that it is possible to achieve what your want.

You will be able then to set higher mini goals and work towards achieving the big goal.

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