Should you create a niche or general blog?


There are on the Internet lots of talks on how you should blog and what kind of blog you should start. There are those who say that general blogging is broken and that only niche blogging works, and there are those who say just the opposite. So with all that you read, who should you believe?Should you create a niche or general blog?

I personally have two blogs at the moment. The one that you are reading this post on, which is a general or lifestyle blog with an emphasis on Internet Marketing… and a niche blog with more in depth posts about Internet Marketing ( The two blogs are branded to me and not some other company I am currently with, even if I don’t make it a secret.

I started my first blog several years ago and at the time I wanted to blog about affiliate marketing and affiliate management because it is what I was doing at the time. I found it difficult to be consistent with blog posts on the same topics and I gave up on in for several years. I am a person with lots of interests and limiting myself to one topic was too hard.

I discovered a little more than a year ago that I could blog on different topics and still have more and more traffic coming to the blog at the condition that I create a blog post daily. I just did that and I can tell you that not only I have created the habit to blog daily, but it has become easier and fun.

Today I am writing about “blogging”, while yesterday I posted and commented on a very strange UFO and Aliens video. This blog is about the things I like and know about, it gets traffic and it let the people who want to follow me and work with me who I really am. I don’t over optimize my blog posts and allow myself to write short or long posts.

I use the Empower Network‘s blogging system for, this is very easy and fun to use and you can easily monetize your blog. Get one like this here.

When I want to write a longer post or a tutorial on Internet Marketing, I then use my WordPress niche blog at My audience there is more targeted and they can learn a solution on a specific problem they have in their Internet Marketing. I carefully optimize my blog posts for the main keyword I chose and write posts that are more than 600 words, plus 800 with lots of detailed screenshots being ideal.

Your decision to go broad blogging or niche blogging depends on what you really want and like to do. If you want to sell specific products like fishing equipment, you’d better go niche, with a category dedicated to show who you are. If you want to discuss more general topics, you may prefer to go broad and use other ways to monetize the blog.

I can’t tell you which kind, a niche or general blog, will work better for you. I would advice you to start a general blog to learn how to blog and acquire the habit, then start a niche blog on a topic you love and that can enable you to sell products.

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