Should you Use a FaceBook Profile or a Fan page for Marketing?


If you are using FaceBook for marketing you may wonder how you can do to have people friend, follow or like you. The first step is to decide if you are going to use a FaceBook profile or a FaceBook page for marketing.

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Should you Use a FaceBook Profile or a Fan page for Marketing?

A FaceBook profile is for individuals and not companies. FaceBook profiles and pages work differently. A profile let you have a maximum of 5,000 friends and an infinite number of followers, you can’t advertise posts, you can’t create tabs, you don’t have insight stats and there are also other limitations.

If you are an independent marketer, a FaceBook profile is a good way to start, but if you are a company, you definitely should create a Fan page. What you can do is use your personal FaceBookprofile as the manager of the company, a person, and use the fan page for the company, as an entity.

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The Fan Page is totally built for businesses. You can have an unlimited number of “Likes”, which are the people who opted-in to follow your posts. You can “Boost” or advertise those posts for a small fee to a larger audience. You can also immediately see how many people have seen your post as it is mentioned below each post “375 people reached”.

You also get “Insights”, which are detailed statistics of who is your audience. You know their gender, age, their engagement, when they are online and so much more. A very important feature is the possibility to install apps in special tabs. With apps, you can add videos, opt-in forms, external pages and a lot more to your Fan page.

If you are an entrepreneur like myself and an independent marketer, I suggest that you create both a profile and Fan page. The profile can be use to socialize with people, posting interesting, engaging and funny content together with some business related content. The Fan page can be used to post only business related content.

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