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Small Business Owner – Limited resources to market:

A small business owner doesn’t have the budget of big firms to advertise their products and services off-line and online. It is out of question for most of them to purchase expensive billboard spaces, TV commercials or Radio spots. Buying adverts in the local newspaper or magazine is an option, but there is no interaction with prospects or clients.

Advertising online can be very expensive too and also time consuming if the small business owneruses free strategies to advertise their enterprise. Having an in-house staff marketing online for you may be a solution, but will they know what they are doing? Building a website is expensive, and if you dare trying making one yourself, will it have the professional look necessary to win customers? That’s not sure…

What if you could get more clients for your small business, using the Internet, for a very small budget and minimum of time… all from your mobile phone. This would be great right?

I have good news! That is now possible with the Blog Beast.

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Small Business Owner – Blog Beast

The Blog Beast is a revolutionary mobile blogging platform that can help the small business owner market their business on the fly wherever they are. No need to use the computer, only the phone.

Let’s say that you have a flower shop, what can you do with the Blog Beast?

– You can easily create a blog optimized for computers and mobile phones.
– You can write blog posts from your phone and update your blog instantly.
– You can take photos of the flowers that have just arrived in your shop, write a small comment, and send them to your blog.
– You may announce a special discount or coupon for the week and send it to the blog.
– You may take a video of the flowers you have in the shop and send it to the blog.
– You may appear in the video and talk directly to your prospects and clients, and update the video to the blog.
– You may build a mailing list of your customers and send them an email when the blog is updated.
– You may interact with prospects and clients through commenting.
– The limitation is your imagination…

The Blog Beast is optimized to rank well and fast in search engines and also integrates well with social media sites.

As a small business owner you will be able to use the Blog Beast and do all the above for a ridiculous monthly subscription.

It’s time to seriously turn your BeastMode: ON

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The Blog Beast is coming…

BeastMode: ON

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