Social Media Sites a Modern Addiction…


Are you addicted to social media sites?

If you are on social media sites for leisure and socializing online to make new friends, share photos with family located at the other end of the country, this might be an excellent thing. But what if you are constantly on these sites, liking, sharing and commenting, from your computer, your phone or your tablet… there is a chance that you are addicted!

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Why Are You Using Social Media Sites?

Social media sites at work

With Social media sites being accessible by everyone, everywhere and at any time, it has become a real burden for companies’ productivity. Most people of the young generation do not know how to refrain from using them and are addicted. They are constantly connected with their mobile phones wasting their time and their employer’s money.

Social media sites for dating

I use social media sites for business, but for some of them I have only women of the country I am living in connecting with me. That’s not what I am looking for, but if you want to find a date for this week-end, I am pretty sure that you can hang on these sites and you will get what you want. Some people are looking for real commitment and marriage, if it’s what you want give it a try.

Social media sites at the restaurant

Maybe it is different in other countries, but here in Thailand I can tell you that this is a real problem not only for the waste of time, but the conflicts they can bring in people’s lives. I often see young couples on a date popping-up their iphones and chatting with others while waiting for the menu or their dishes at a restaurant. That’s not only couples, but also families… Maybe I am mistaken and they are all communicating together through their devices.

Social media sites vs video games

A few years back we had kids starting to be addicted to video games, and now, that’s adults addicted to social media activities. This is ironical that social media sites, which are supposed to connect people together, in fact, disconnect them from their friends and family in real life. So what is worse? Kids playing video games all the times or adults chatting on social media sites? Looks like that in both cases we have an addiction.

Social media sites for business

If you are using social media sites for business, you’d better be connected as much as you can to build brand awareness and expose your business to gain more followers and customers. Can we say it’s an addiction in this case? I don’t think so… it would be more like a necessary evil. Most of the time social media campaigns are managed by a person called a social media manager.

So, what are you going to do tonight, fulfill your TV or social media sites addiction?

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