Solo Ads Can Help you Grow your List Fast


I am always amazed how Solo Ads can help you grow your list fast with quality subscribers and bring you sales right on the front end. It is also a very easy promotion method as after you have created your landing page, completed your funnel and got your follow-up messages ready… you just have to pay a Solo Ads vendor… and voilà!

This is a shame that many Internet marketers do not use this method, which could bring them instant results. I have myself other methods I use like blogging and FaceBook promotion, which are great and free. But the inconvenience is that it takes time to get decent traffic to a blog orFaceBook.

Completing your free traffic efforts with some paid traffic like solo ads can help you see more results in your business opportunity sooner.

Solo Ads Can Help you Grow your List Fast

A Solo Ad is a message sent via email to somebody else’s list. This is the reason it is sometimes called the “Other People’s List Method”. You grow your own list sending a message in other people’s lists.

The purpose of the message you send is to have people click on a link and visit your squeeze page for them to opt-in.

It is better to have a squeeze page set up in single opt-in for solo ads where you can redirect subscribers directly to your offer after they have entered their email address. If your squeeze page is double opt-in, you will lose half of your subscribers and your cost per lead will be much higher.

When you buy a Solo Ad, you buy clicks. This traffic is good because you pay for a certain amount of clicks that will be delivered to you. Usually, you receive even more clicks that you have paid for because it is not possible for vendors to cut at the exact amount you have paid for.

It is essential to test your campaign and new Solo Ad vendors with a 100 clicks purchase for about $40 – $50. First, you will see if your squeeze page and funnel are working and with tracking in place you can see if the traffic you have purchased is legitimate.

Unfortunately there are Solo Ad vendors that sell fake traffic or very low quality traffic. You can’t tell before you have tested the traffic yourself on your offer. After you have confirmed a particular vendor sends you good traffic and you get a decent amount of opt-ins, then you can purchase more clicks.

This is the kind of traffic you get to a squeeze page with a hundred of clicks over a couple of days.

You can’t get that when you start blogging… and you can see clearly on the image that people are opting-in (green dots).

These are the Stats I have for 3 previous solo ad campaign I ran.

I can compare vendors and see, which one is giving me the best traffic for my offer. I can then buy more clicks from them.

Last Solo Ad Results

I bought 100 clicks from a Solo Ad vendor named “Zeid”:

– Cost: $40
– Click received: 109
– Opt-ins: 35 (22 from USA)
– Exit redirect opt-ins: 3
– Conversion: 35 %
– Sales: 1 ($20)
– Cost per Optin: $1.05 / Optin

The conversion to this offer is not bad, but you can get 50% sometimes. If the cost per opt-in or lead is around $1, you are good… and if you get a sale right from the campaign it’s excellent. More sales will follow as your opt-ins are receiving your follow-up messages.

This image shows 35 leads obtained in a couple of days for the main offer. 3 more leads were optained for another offer when visitors tried to exit the main offer.

Only one email address bounced, probably a curious who did not want to commit to the offer.

Now that the numbers are in place with a particular vendor and offer,200, 300, 500 or 1,000 clicks can be bought depending on budget.


These are a few leads showing in my GetResponse account.

For 1,000 clicks, the number of opt-ins should be 380 and the number of sales 10. It is too soon to tell what is going to be the sale figure on the back-end, but if the front end sales are recurring… the solo ad cost should be covered in no time.

I hope you find this article on how Solo Ads can help you grow your list fast useful.

If you would like to know what solo ad vendors I use, and how I make money online using this method, work with me.

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