Someone In Our Movement Gave Themselves A $12,000/Year Raise [Find Out How ]


Today I received an email from Jaden Easton-Ellett, my sponsor in the Internet Lifestyle Networkwith the title: “Someone In Our Movement Gave Themselves A $12,000/Year Raise [Find Out How]”. I am a subscriber of his newsletter and the message was sent to his list.

Who is this someone?, I thought… Who is the lucky guy who gave himself a $12,000 raise?

I opened the email and read the message to realize that this someone was ME!

Let me show you the message.

When I shared my results on FaceBook on the nearly $1,000 I have reached in May, I did not put into perspective that this income is recurring and that the potential income is now $12,000 for me after just a couple of months working part time this business opportunity.

Disclaimer: These are my results, you may make more, less or zero $$. There is no guarantee that you will make any money at all. Success needs hard work and consistent effort.

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To your success!

Michel Gerard

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