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SEO optimization is not only about keywords and back-links. It is also about speed. If you speed up WordPress, Google ranks you higher in its results. Very few bloggers take this seriously, but if they check their speed score they will be shocked.

Don’t be like them and speed up WordPress to improve your SEO today.

Statistics show that web surfers leave the site after 4 seconds if it hasn’t loaded. They are the very patient surfers, most of them don’t even wait 2 seconds.

Google said: “The Web Should Be Fast” 

What does that mean?

This means that if your site is loading in 5 seconds and your competitor’s in 1 second, guess which one is going to get ranked at the top…

SEO optimizing your blog is not difficult when you know what to do and have the correct guidance. This will take you a couple of hours and you are set for good.

Speed Up WordPress

Step By Step Guide To Speed Optimize Your Blog [Kindle Edition]

You will learn how to easily go from a score of BD, or even worse, to an AA score. Your page load time will go from 5.70 seconds, or worse, to an expected goal approaching 1 second. You will be using only free methods.

speed up wordpress

Table of Content: Speed Up WordPress

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Should You Speed Up WordPress?
  • Chapter 2: Server Side Optimization
  • Chapter 3: Speed Test WordPress
  • Chapter 4: Image Optimization
  • Chapter 5: Database Optimization
  • Chapter 6: JS, CSS and HTML Optimization
  • Chapter 7: WordPress Caching
  • Chapter 8: More Speed Optimization
  • Chapter 9: Using a CDN for WordPress
  • Chapter 10: WordPress Hacks & Tricks
  • Conclusion

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Speed Up WordPress Free Days

Learn how you can speed up WordPress with this step by step guide today for FREE and until 16 January 2015. Two days after launch and the book is already a best seller in the “Technology” and “Web Marketing” categories.

speed up wordpress

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Get Speed up WordPress, while it’s still FREE.
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If, it’s not… well, sorry.

You still need this information if you are serious about your blog SEO.

A Reader’s comments: After a few pages it becomes clear that this guy knows his stuff and even better knows how to write about it, with clear step-by-step instructions and plenty of screen-shots. With an hour or two I had made significant improvements to both the loading speed and optimisation of my blog. Loading speed of course being a  factor in search ranking and reader satisfaction. Read More…

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