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This past week I was busy testing a source of traffic that I didn’t know about, and which may help you get more visitors to your site. It is called “TrafficAdventure”.

Click the image above or click here to visit TrafficAdventure.

TrafficAdventure is a text ad PPC Network. Your text ad is displayed in their network and you pay only for the clicks that are followed by visits to your website.

These are the features you will find in TrafficAdventure.

There are 3 ways that you can bid on TrafficAdventure:

Dropped clicks: no quality filters are applied with bids starting at $0.0005.

Audience traffic: advanced filters are applied, 100% unique clicks, starting at $0.001.

Premium RON: premium traffic with advanced filters, starting at $0.01.

As you can see there is traffic to fit your budget.

The traffic is not targeted with you bidding on keywords, but general. There are powerful filters that will help you narrow to a more specific audience.

– You can Geo-target your traffic to countries, regions or cities.
– You can target per browser for desktop and mobile.
– You can target per source, when you know which publisher is sending you converting traffic.

If for example you are selling a Mac software, you can use TrafficAdventure to target Safari browsers in the UK. If you are selling apps for the Italian market, you can target iPhone andiPad Browsers in Italy.

As every source of traffic, they will work very well for some offers and won’t work for others. It appears that lots of people are killing it with video monetization using TrafficAdventure, and it’s why I wrote my long and detailed tutorial:

How TrafficAdventure can Help you with Video Monetization

TrafficAdventure also has 2 powerful quality filters, which are Adometry score and Integral Ad Science.

My preferred feature in TrafficAdventure is the Goal and optimization feature. You can specify the minimum page views, the minimum time spent on page or website, and the minimum time the video on your page should be played. Traffic not meeting your criteria is blocked.

It is important to note that you have day parting available, which will display your ad on the days and times you decide.

Have a try at it now, click here.

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