Stay Positive in the Face of Negativity around You


How to stay positive:

Everyone at some point in their life feel discouraged, depressed and lacking energy. I believe that being able to get past the downtimes in your life as quickly as possible and get back on with being your best, moving forward in continuous improvement is the key to stay positive.

Stay Positive

How quickly you choose to get over those things that are holding you back, or making you feel less than your personal best is essential.

Self-improvement is a hands-on project. Without on-going implementation of the new ideas you learn, you aren’t going to miraculously wake up one day as a new person.

Here is a saying by Zig Ziglar, he has such a simple – yet powerful way of getting his point across:

Zig says, “People often say motivation doesn’t last, well that may be true, but neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it every day.”

Isn’t that a wonderful saying?

Understanding the need to attend to motivation and inspiration on a daily basis can lead to a more positive daily life. Let’s look at it another way. When you wake up, you pretty much have a clean slate. In most cases your day is fresh – neither overly negative nor positive.

If it happens it is already negative, then it would be wise importing positive thoughts in reading, listening, reciting, meditating or viewing positive materials first thing in the morning to immediately correct your negativity. I am sure these activities could help you stay positive.

This can be also done throughout the day in order to reprogram the way in which you see the world.

If you are in a bad period, read from an inspirational book or listen to inspirational songs at least three times a day. In addition, immediately balance any negative experiences with something positive. There is no chemicals to absorb, you can treat you negativity yourself. That’s the only way to stay positive.

It’s hard to stay positive sometimes

Given the various events of most people’s days this isn’t always feasible, but this approach can pay dividends and is worth attempting. Keep in mind that no matter how great any idea or advice is, unless YOU choose to implement it and give it a fair shot to work in your life you’re not going to get results.

Let me say that again – because it’s that important!

YOU have to be a part of your own success journey. If you want to see real lasting change for the better in your life, you’ve got to be the biggest part of the process.

So simply knowing that you can offset your negative feelings by introducing positive thoughts into your mind simply isn’t enough. No – you’ve got to actually do it – it’s going to mean keeping that inspirational book, or CD handy to refer to when you need to. It might mean stopping what you’re doing at the moment or even scheduling yourself some time to take in positive or motivational material.

Like dieting or exercising, developing a positive mental attitude is a choice. It requires nurturing. It’s not always immediate, but if you work on it, and cultivate it you will see results. And those around you will as well.

Stay positive and your life will be better.

Michel Gerard

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