Stop Complaining if You Want Success in Life


Stop complaining and your life will get better:

Have you noticed how complainers have crappy lives? I do not know anyone who complains all the time having a great personal or business life. What you concentrate on expands… So, if you want more good than bad in your life, stop complaining!

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I know people who complain right at the start of the day. Perhaps, they started to complain in their morning shower, I don’t know. They may be in a bad relationship at home with issues… and got this constant bad mood. Their work may not be that great, they may hate it and disagree with their bosses’ decisions all the time. But what can they do about this? There are certain things that can’t be fixed. Complaining about these problems just make it worse.

In the contrary, people with the right attitude, even if they are in the same situation as the complainer, will attract more opportunities for a solution. Their mind will not be filled of all the negativity, and soon, better options will show-up. If you are one of these complainers, the first thing to do is to stop complaining for seven days.

If you can stop complaining for a week, you will see that you feel better. When you feel better, you think better and you act better. And that is why you will see new opportunities for you to follow.

Controlling yourself is one thing, avoiding complainers is another.

Stop Complaining It’s Contagious

How can you avoid Joe “the complainer” at the coffee machine every morning at 7:45? Simple, have your coffee at 7:30 or 8 o’clock! If that is not possible, try to have as few contacts as you can with the complainer as it will affect you badly for the whole day. If this is repeated every day, you are doomed.

I am sure you have experienced this: going to work with happiness in the morning, then Joe comes along to complain about this new report he has to fill in everyday… you feel now miserable for the day. What you concentrate on expands… In the opposite if you meet Mary, who is an easy-going person, never complaining, always smiling, it can make your day!

Yes, I know… it is sometimes difficult to stop complaining, especially when having a bad day. Even if I practice on myself the no complaining policy, I sometimes catch myself doing it. This mostly happens at the contact of a complainer. What I do is come to my senses and stop before my day is ruined.

I come from a country where complaining is a way of life: France. Yes, have you noticed how the French can’t stop complaining all the time? This is much noticed abroad with groups of tourists… If you want to know which group are the French… look for those that are complaining. Cliché!

I am not like them anymore, the Thai way of life has changed me.

I’d like to recommend this blog post: How to handle chronic complainers

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