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Stop Worrying:

I have just finished to read “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie. This is an excellent book for those who have a tendency to worry and poison their lives. I am not a person who worry for little things and everything, but I have my share of it at times like anybody else.

The book describes in detail how worry can be conquered with stories of people who have been there and succeeded to stop worrying for a better life. Lots of the people in the book were in very bad physical conditions due to the unnecessary worries they had in their lives. Just learning how to control worry or being forced to stop worrying by a certain event made a drastically positive change in their health.

There is the story of a man who has been so worried in his life by past events that couldn’t be changed and future events that had little chance to happen that he fell very sick. Doctors gave him very little time left to live. He then stayed in bed waiting for his death and as he believed it would come soon, he decided to stop worrying about the problems in his life. As a results, his health gradually improved and he completely recovered.

There are also stories of people living dramatic events in their lives that had them stop worrying completely. Anything else happening in their life looked like very small problems and not worth worrying about. Some other people found a way by themselves to suppress worries when they arise applying their own methods. All these solutions are shared in the book.

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Stop Worrying

How to Stop Worrying So Much

I came across this excellent Youtube video I’d like to share with you:

Published on Jul 2, 2012

Find out how to be a better you by learning how to stop worrying so much in this video from Howcast.

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The Channel also includes expert advice on health topics, such as chiropractic, cholesterol, massage therapy, meditation, sexual health, stress management, and vitamins. Plus, you’ll find all the latest diet and nutrition information.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and if you can’t stop worrying yourself about little things, read the book.

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