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Stop Worrying!

Do you know that most of the things you worry about usually don’t happen and never will? Some people have the chance to be easy going and never worry unnecessarily. Others can’t stop worrying for little things that have little probability of happening. In which category do you fall in?

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

I personally fall in between. I rarely worry for little things anymore and when I do, I ask myself: “Is this thing worth worrying? Is it going to impact my life in a negative way?” The answer is always “No”, and I stop worrying about it. When I have a more serious issue or problem that I am worrying about, I ask myself: “Is this something to be worried about or concerned about? Can it be fixed?” Almost every time, it can be fixed.

I am for example a bit concerned about my daughter’s speech development. She is short of two months to be three years old and she speaks very few words. I used to be much more worried about it, but as she is not mute and is very vocal indeed, she will end speaking sooner or later. I have her starting speech therapy next Saturday and this will kick away all worries.

Stop Worrying Now!

Worrying can bring you very serious health problems: high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcers, fatigue, depression, and can contribute to cancer growth… It is known that the right positive attitude can help cancer patients to get better. Constant worrying leads you sooner to the grave.

We have then to learn how to reduce or stop worrying in order to live better and healthier lives. Easier said than done! There are very little information on the topic and how to stop worrying. Nothing is taught at school to students who for some are worried to death in times of exams. Classes on how to stop worrying would be more useful for their adult life instead of learning about some historical battle that took place two hundred years ago.

There are also few books on the topic, but the one I am reading now is of a great help, I highly recommend it to you: “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie.

If you are reading this post down to this line, this may mean that you need a solution to your worrying problem. This book can help you.

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Stop Worrying

Stop worrying now!

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