Success is One Connection Away


You may have heard in Internet Marketing circles that “Success is one connection away”. Does that mean that you need to know people like in the corporate world if you want to succeed?

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When I started online, I was alone. I tried to figure out by myself what works and what doesn’t work. I surfed the Internet looking for answers in forums and tested lots of strategies. I wasn’t part of any groups and I didn’t know I could connect to any other marketer and exchange ideas.

The results of not connecting with others is that you learn the hard way and it takes much more time to see results in your business. It is impossible to know everything and sharing expertise with others can benefit all. In the process, you may find someone to partner with and get your way to success.

Success is one connection away if you constantly promote your products and services to new audiences. The next person you connect with may buy all your products and recommend them to their friends. This is particularly true in Network Marketing when one new serious person in your team can explode your business.

The more you connect with new people, the most product and services you will sell. Persistency is the key. If you don’t connect with anyone in a day, you may have lost a good opportunity to grow your business. Connect with people everyday and you will see results in what you do.

Remember: “Success is one connection away

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