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Psychic Kids show:

That is the first time I watch a show with psychic kids and they are excellent. Nick and Anissa have some kind of coach to accompany them when investigating a place with paranormal activity. What they feel and see confirm the suspected paranormal activity. They are scared sometimes, but they learn to live with this special gift.

Nick is 12 years old and is visited everyday by spirits of all kinds. They just don’t let him alone. He sometimes want to stay indoors because he is terrified. He just want to be a normal kid. Nick’s first paranormal experience happened wen he was 6 years old. He is haunted by an evil spirit he calls Mr. Rosenberg.

Anissa is 11 years old and she can see spirits too. She keeps a list of all the people she has seen in her journal. She wants them to go away because she thinks they want to hurt her. Her parents noticed she had an ability at the age of 4. Anissa believes she gets information from the deceased through their photographs.

For both children of two different families, parents are at lost and don’t know how to help them deal with with their ability. Nick and Anissa are going on a weekend retreat to learn how to cope with their psychic sensitivities. There, Chip Coffey, who is a Psychic/Medium dedicated to helping kids with their psychic abilities, will guide them together with Edy Nathan, a licensed therapist.

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