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World History Reloaded an Alternative to Mainstream History!

Is ancient history as we know it a big lie? Listen to World History Reloaded, Jerry Banfield’s latest audiobook on Audible and Amazon Kindle. You may be like me, not satisfied about the mainstream ancient history as it is presented to you. There are many things that can’t be explained in ancient history books like Read More →

Long Lost UFO Film Found!

UFO Abduction AKA The McPherson Tape 1989Watch this video on YouTube Two days ago I posted a very entertaining home video titled “Is this UFO Video a Hoax or Genuine?“. I am glad to report that the original film has been found and that its not a hoax nor a genuine video. It is simply a Read More →

When Ghosts Attack ~ There’s No Place Like Hell

Watch this video on YouTube I was surfing on Youtube for a video that would entertain me, when I found one that had the mention “Watch at your own risk! VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED”. What is that? I thought…“When Ghosts Attack” stories. Well, it’s going to change me of the Alien abduction and UFO stories Read More →

“UFOs: The Secret Evidence” documentary

UFOs: THE SECRET EVIDENCE – 4-TIME EBE Award Winner – FEATUREWatch this video on YouTube I am enjoying the Christmas holidays reading, listening to audios and watching UFOs documentaries. I came across this documentary titled “UFOs: The Secret Evidence” and it is very interesting for those who are passionate about the subject. The documentary is mainly made of Read More →

The Stan Romanek Story

The Stan Romanek Story – Messages – Full UFO Contact DocumentaryWatch this video on YouTube Do you believe in UFOs and the little grey men? Do you believe that people have been abducted and returned with implants in their bodies? If you are a skeptic, a believer or in between, you won’t be able to Read More →