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World History Reloaded an Alternative to Mainstream History!

Is ancient history as we know it a big lie? Listen to World History Reloaded, Jerry Banfield’s latest audiobook on Audible and Amazon Kindle. You may be like me, not satisfied about the mainstream ancient history as it is presented to you. There are many things that can’t be explained in ancient history books like Read More →

The Creation of Man by Ancient Alien DNA Manipulation

Mankind's Creation from Alien Genetic Engineering (Full Documentary)Watch this video on YouTube In this documentary you are going to learn about another possibility of the creation of man. We all have seen the evolution charts of Man showing an ape becoming human… but what if we got this wrong? What made us become the humans we Read More →

Ancient Aliens – The Power Of Three

The Power of "THREE" (the trinity)Watch this video on YouTube Ancient Aliens This is Saturday and time to take a break from the tutorials I wrote this week. Today, that’s entertainment with an episode of Ancient Aliens titled “The Power of Three”. It seems that the number “3″ has some mystical significance being represented in art, architecture, science, literature and Read More →

Have you Heard of the Ancient Alien Theory?

Ancient Alien Theory: There is an ancient alien theory saying that people of the past were visited by ancient astronauts who helped them to progress in their civilizations. These ancient people called these visitors their Gods who left planet earth after a while returning to where they came from. This could explain many ancient constructions Read More →

Alien Life Makes No Doubt

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Confirms Alien Life: Pilots and astronauts have seen unidentified flying objects for a long time and their testimony have always been dismissed or covered-up. There are more and more high respected people that come forward to tell us about alien life. They confirm that aliens exist and with them lots of UFOlogists Read More →