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Ancient Aliens – The Erich Von Daniken Legacy.

Erich Von Daniken: An in-depth look is taken into controversial bestseller Erich Von Daniken‘s theories on ancient astronauts, including speculations about mankind’s otherworldly origins, the purpose of ancient astronauts and their potential return to Earth. This is one of my favorite show. NEW Chariots of the Gods (The Mysteries Continue) (FULL) Erich von Daniken – Read More →

Puma Punku Bolivia – Ancient Aliens

Puma Punku Bolivia: Ancient megalithic stones cut with astonishing precision. Mysterious sculptures depicting beings from around the world… and beyond. There are all the races present here, even the grey aliens! And legends of other worldly giants creating an entire civilization in a single night. Today again is an amazing documentary of the More 2 Read More →

History Channel Ancient Aliens – Leonardo da Vinci

History Channel Ancient Aliens: I love to watch the History channel and I am particularly interested by ancient aliens stories. I find them fascinating, and the possibility that our history was changed by extra-terrestrial beings watching us is intriguing. Today’s episode of History Channel Ancient Aliens is about Leonardo da Vinci who is considered the Read More →