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Join Blog Beast Today!

The Blog Beast is now Available: The Blog Beast is finally launched and opened for everyone to buy. It is not the ordinary WordPress platform, but something completely different and very user friendly. In addition, and especially for the launch, the Empower Network is adding lots of bonuses to get you started on your blogging journey.   These are the features Read More →

$10K Challenge Free Webinar Tomorrow.

What is the “$10K Challenge”? I still can remember Vick Strizheus’ last challenge, it was December 20th, 2012… On that day, when everybody else was thinking of Christmas, an invite-only Internet Marketing Webinar took place. This special Webinar was very similar to the one coming up this Thursday: $10K Challenge. What happened in that December Read More →

Are you Looking to Join an Online Mastermind Group?

Importance of an Online Mastermind Group: When lots of computers are connected together it makes a super computer capable of doing complicated calculations very fast. That is the same in life and people with a common goal can get connected together in an online mastermindgroup in order to find ways to achieve their dreams. Two Read More →

Get This Key Success Factor Right

Key Success Factor: A lot of people complain all the time. They complain about their work, they complain about their spouse, they complain about their neighbors, they complain about last night’s TV show… It seems that the only thing they have in life is looking for the next thing to complain about. Do you know Read More →

Big Idea Mastermind First Google Hangout

Big Idea Mastermind: The first Big Idea Mastermind Google hangout took place on May 23, 2013 and is a wealth of information and motivation. It was titled “How To Create Total Freedom and Abundance In Your Life” and presented by Vick Strizheus creator of the Big Idea Mastermind marketing system and leader of the mastermind Read More →