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Why People Fail – Les Brown

Why People Fail: I have been reading books, listening to audio and watching videos of Bob Proctor and Harv Eker in the last few months and it has helped me to achieve a few goals. As I have mostly searched for information about how to succeed, today I came across a video by Les Brown Read More →

Self-development Audios and Books Work!

Self-development Audios I have been listening to audio and reading books about self-development for three months and I have already seen positive results in my life. The most important is that I have been able to make better decisions and take action. This has produced better results in my online business, but also in my Read More →

Upgrading to the Inner Circle – Empower Network

I have just upgraded to the Inner Circle in the Empower Network and I don’t regret it. The amount of Audios there is huge and it will take some time before I actually listen to them all. As Dave & Dave explained in their videos, it is necessary to fill our mind with useful content Read More →

You Were Born Rich – Bob Proctor

You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor is the book I am reading right now. Here is the cover. This book is incredible! I have such a good time reading it. People has been programmed since their youngest age in a certain way, which for some, prevent them to be successful in their lives. The Read More →