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The Stan Romanek Story

The Stan Romanek Story – Messages – Full UFO Contact DocumentaryWatch this video on YouTube Do you believe in UFOs and the little grey men? Do you believe that people have been abducted and returned with implants in their bodies? If you are a skeptic, a believer or in between, you won’t be able to Read More →

Words of Inspiration from Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor – Success Coach: Bob Proctor is my favorite success coach. I started to be inspired by him a year ago and I am always looking forward to watching his videos on Youtube, listening to his audios and reading his books. Bob Proctor clearly explains in his teaching that what is holding us back Read More →

Do you Have Thoughts on Success?

Thoughts on Success vs Thoughts on Failure: Having thoughts on success in your life can really help you achieve your goals and be successful. In the contrary thoughts on failure, will just prevent you from succeeding and drag you down. We all have had both successes and failures in our lives, but the future does Read More →

Raising Trilingual Children in 2013

Raising Trilingual Children from Birth: Most families in the US and Europe speak only one language and consequently children are monolinguals. Lots of countries have a first and a second language and children are consequently bilingual at birth. It is a fact that half of the world population is made of bilinguals, so it is Read More →

How to Develop Good Habits that Serve You

Bad habits vs good habits: Everybody have bad and good habits in their lives. Bad habits are usually very easy to acquire when in the contrary good habits can go the other way. Which category, the bad or the good habits, will serve you better in order to achieve your goals and succeed in life? Read More →