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3 Words to Change your Attitude

Some words have a tremendous impact on the way you think and feel. Changing your language from negative words to positive words can give you a positive outlook. There is a way to change your attitude to any difficulty you face. For example, the word “problem” is a negative word that triggers fear and anxiety. Read More →

You Can Do It!

Positive Affirmation: I Can Do It! This is a short video by Brian Tracy explaining how you can cancel your fear in a simple way. “It’s extremely important to keep a positive attitude at all times. I know it can be difficult at times but you must tell yourself “I can do it” “I can Read More →

How to Manage your Time Effectively ~ Eat That Frog

In this video Brian Tracy is teaching a method of time management that I am sure will really help you to be more effective in your work. One of the most valuable time management skill that you can develop is to organize your tasks by priority. Brian Tracy refers to this process as “Eat That Read More →

Develop your Winning Edge

In this video Brian Tracy explains why you need to develop your winning edge. Why does a sale person achieve better results than another sale person? They may both be excellent in what they do, but one of them achieve better results because he has the winning edge. Enjoy! Source: BrianTracy’s Youtube Channel

Achieve Your Best Performance with Visualization

In this video Brian Tracy explains how you can achieve your best performance with visualization. There are four part of visualization that you can learn and practice to assure that you use this incredible power to its best advantage all the days of your life: frequency, duration, vividness and intensity. Published on Mar 1, 2013 Read More →