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A Special Sunday for Christina

ABA session for Christina Today was a special Sunday. We started at the B.Care Hospital in Bangkok where Christina was having her fourth ABA session at 9:00 a.m. It went particularly well with no screaming and Christina enjoying the activities. She is progressing well and this make us, her parents, very happy. I can’t post Read More →

My First Day Customizing the Blog Beast

The Blog Beast is Fantastic! I am excited like a kid on Christmas day playing around with ENV2 or the “Blog Beast” just released to us, Empower Network customers. This is a fantastic platform and very easy to customize and use. I have changed the color of my blog background, post background, fonts and links, and Read More →

My name is Christina, I am Three!

Hello there, Yes, I know… you don’t believe I typed this post! … and you are right. My dad did. But, it does’t matter. I will blog as soon as I can type words. Right now, I am very confused with my 3 languages: Thai, English and French. I am a trilingual kid with a bit Read More →

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

Christina and her Applied Behavior Analysis sessions: Last week my daughter had her evaluation visit with the pediatric psychologist at the B. Care Hospital in Bangkok. She has progressed a lot this past year, but she still has issues in some areas that need to be fixed. We have been advised to start Applied Behavior Read More →

Raising Trilingual Children in 2013

Raising Trilingual Children from Birth: Most families in the US and Europe speak only one language and consequently children are monolinguals. Lots of countries have a first and a second language and children are consequently bilingual at birth. It is a fact that half of the world population is made of bilinguals, so it is Read More →