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Choose your Online Money Making Program Wisely

Empower Network Scam

I received today an email from a marketer inviting me to watch a video about an online money making program. As the email message was very well written, and because it is not the first time I have heard of this program, I followed the link to check it out. The sale video is outstanding Read More →

Empower Network Thailand

Empower Network is a global business opportunity that anyone, anywhere, can join and start to earn money online. Present in more than 160 countries around the world, it is also available in Thailand: Let’s call it “Empower Network Thailand”. The business opportunity is not a get rich quick scheme, but a real business with a well-known and Read More →

Big Idea Mastermind Closed!

Did you really miss your chance to get Big Idea Mastermind or BIM for Free? If you have missed the 24 hour window and want to join the BIM family without spending the very expensive price tag or get on the waiting list, read on‚ I can show you how you can tell the “Big Idea Read More →

Why 95% of people fail at their online business

In my opinion, people fail at their online business because they do not take it seriously. They lack persistence and motivation, don’t believe in themselves or the business, and don’t do the necessary work. This is mainly why 95% of people fail online. The reasons of their failure are: – Wrong Mindset Many people get Read More →

UVioO – I Earn Extra Money Sharing Youtube Videos!

Each time I log in my UVioO account there is more money waiting for me. There are different ways to earn money with UVioO, but it is mainly done by sharing videos on your social media sites. I am sharing videos mainly on FaceBook, Google + and Twitter when I feel like sharing videos. In Read More →