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SEO Tip for eCommerce Sites with Discontinued Products

What should sites do with pages for products that are no longer available?Watch this video on YouTube In this video Matt Cutts from the WebSpam team at Google answer a very important question foreCommerce sites. Question: How would Google recommend handling eCommerce products that are no longer available? (Does this change as the number of discontinued Read More →

Why 95% of people fail at their online business

In my opinion, people fail at their online business because they do not take it seriously. They lack persistence and motivation, don’t believe in themselves or the business, and don’t do the necessary work. This is mainly why 95% of people fail online. The reasons of their failure are: – Wrong Mindset Many people get Read More →

Do you want to generate leads online free every single day?

When I started online I didn’t know how to generate leads online free. I have spent time this year, not only to learn how to get leads with paid advertising, but also free advertising. In order to learn the different methods in lead generation, I have followed the teaching of mentors that have achieved the results Read More →

Are you struggling with your list building?

List building with blogging: I used to be in a situation where I had no clue on how to build a list. I decided then to study list building, which is one aspect of Internet marketing, in order to improve my Online business results. Setting-up an auto-responder and the follow-up messages is not the most Read More →

What a lazy Sunday!

My lazy Sunday: What a lazy Sunday I am having! I just do not feel like doing anything, especially work… When this laziness arises, I usually try to direct the energy I have left doing useful activities. I started the day by watching one video in the Costa Rica Intensive course and read a couple Read More →