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Is Empower Network a Scam?

Empower Network Scam

There are on the Internet unscrupulous marketers who practice negative marketing. Instead of writing on their own deal, they choose to target another company’s customers and prospects and write negatively about the company, spread rumors, and mislead people to believe they are in a scam.   They are doing so in order to discredit the Read More →

Empower Network has not Changed! Freedom is Still Here…

Empower Network Scam

There are those marketers who spread rumors like “you can’t promote other products when you are with Empower”, “you can’t promote another MLM when you are with Empower”, “Empower’s terms of service have changed”, etc… That’s BS!   This is only bad marketing tactics that some unethical marketers try in order to recruit Empower’s affiliates Read More →

Empower Network for Farangs in Thailand

If you have found this post searching on Google, you must have typed the word “Farang” and be one yourself. For those who don’t know, “Farang” is a Thai fruit, but also the kind name that we, foreigners, are given in the country. The word doesn’t have any racist or negative connotation, it is just Read More →

Choose your Online Money Making Program Wisely

Empower Network Scam

I received today an email from a marketer inviting me to watch a video about an online money making program. As the email message was very well written, and because it is not the first time I have heard of this program, I followed the link to check it out. The sale video is outstanding Read More →

Empower Blog Sitemap for Google Webmaster Tools

Most WordPress bloggers are familiar with creating a Sitemap that can be used in Google Webmaster Tools. A Sitemap is a XML file that tells search engines about all the pages you have on your blog. When the file is submitted in Google Webmaster Tools, Google will be able to index your pages and posts Read More →