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Why You Should Use an Empower Network Blog

Empower Network Blog: Why do you think big corporations have blogs? They have blogs in addition to their corporate website to help promote their products, give news to their prospects and clients, and communicate with them. On a blog you can post your own articles, have guest articles and have your readers interact with you Read More →

Get This Key Success Factor Right

Key Success Factor: A lot of people complain all the time. They complain about their work, they complain about their spouse, they complain about their neighbors, they complain about last night’s TV show… It seems that the only thing they have in life is looking for the next thing to complain about. Do you know Read More →

I Just Did a FaceBook Experiment…

FaceBook Experiment: FaceBook is a great platform to market your business. As I was searching for some Youtube videos to post on my FaceBook timeline for my friends to see and share, I decided to do something funny. I wanted to see how many people would click a link in my description above the video. Read More →

How to use FaceBook Notes

FaceBook Notes: Facebook notes are not very known by the majority of FaceBook users and is underused by most of Internet Marketers. FB notes are specific pages, which contain more content than a regular post, that can be created in your FB profile or FB pages. When you publish a note, a post is automatically Read More →

How to Get More Leads Online and Grow Your List

How to Get More Leads Online: Do you know that the most important thing to do in your Internet business is to Get More Leads Online? If you are driving lots of traffic to your website and do not collect leads, you are losing big time. Most of the visitors to your site come from Read More →