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How to Make Everyday and Life Changing Decisions

Decision making is something that we are not taught in school. That is the reason why it is so difficult sometimes to make a decision. A “Decision” is a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration. When you have a choice and make a decision, you cut out one or several options to keep only one Read More →

Travel in France – Destination Lyon

Travel in France: I usually travel in France from Bangkok every two years with wife and daughter to visit my father and other family members. The previous years we flew with Emirate and after a transfer in Dubai arrived in Paris. This year, I decided to fly with KLM to Amsterdam and then connect to Read More →

Acupuncture Treatment at the Thai Nakarin Hospital

I have been struggling for a month with a pain in the neck, left shoulder, arm and hand with numbness in the thumb probably due to my time spent at the computer. I decided then to get anacupuncture treatment at the Thai Nakarin Hospital in Bangkok. photo credit: Megan Mallen via photopin cc Before the acupuncture treatment, I Read More →

Empower Network for Farangs in Thailand

If you have found this post searching on Google, you must have typed the word “Farang” and be one yourself. For those who don’t know, “Farang” is a Thai fruit, but also the kind name that we, foreigners, are given in the country. The word doesn’t have any racist or negative connotation, it is just Read More →

Famous French Songs Play List

Famous French Songs: According to Google there are 2,900 searches for the term famous french songs and 12,000 searches containing the term french songs per month. As the search is done in English I can see that there are non french natives interested in listening to our popular music and singers. So I decided to write a blog Read More →