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Can Guest Blogging Still Help You Get Ranked?

Guest blogging is now the talk of the town since Matt Cutts said in a video and on his blog thatGuest blogging has been abused and that the Webspam team at Google will look into this. Matt Cutts: “Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, Read More →

When Ghosts Attack ~ There’s No Place Like Hell

Watch this video on YouTube I was surfing on Youtube for a video that would entertain me, when I found one that had the mention “Watch at your own risk! VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED”. What is that? I thought…“When Ghosts Attack” stories. Well, it’s going to change me of the Alien abduction and UFO stories Read More →

Go Ghost Hunting With Us?

Real Paranormal Videos – Ghost Hunting: I just came across the Youtube channel of a guy who calls himself the “Dead Explorer”. It triggered my curiosity and interest and as I watched a couple of videos I can’t resist sharing them with you. On all episodes in the channel a group of paranormal investigators go Read More →

The Shores Restaurant – Lisa Williams

The Shores Restaurant: A lot of strange things are going on in the The Shores Restaurant. The bartenders and patrons seem to be OK with it as they do not feel or see anything unusual, but the owners do. This is the reason why Lisa Williams has come to visit Mike and Judy to see Read More →

Nemo Blizzard 2013 Batter Northeast

Nemo Blizzard 2013 I came across this piece of news about Nemo Blizzard 2013. I feel very lucky to be in Thailand…. brrr! A ferocious storm system pummeled the Northeast on Saturday, burying some parts of region in more than two feet of snow and leaving more than 650,000 homes and businesses without power, mostly Read More →