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Six Mindset & Self-Development Books I Recommend

If you are an entrepreneur like I am who wants to improve in life and business, you must read books that will help you get the proper mindset to achieve your goals. In the last past year and a half I have read 24 mindset & self-development books that have helped me progress in my Read More →

Why you Should Never Want, but Desire.

Every morning, before I start work I read a chapter of an inspirational book. The book I am reading now is “A Happy Pocket Full of Money” by David Cameron Gikandi. This is a really fantastic book that I love. It helps me so much to understand about wealth and the universe. Why you Should Read More →

How is your Business Why different from your Personal Why?

In order to have massive success in business, you need to have a “Why”. If you don’t, you will just be wandering around not having the real success that you deserve. What is a why? A why is the reason you want to be in business. You may have a regular job right now, or Read More →

Seven Success Factors to Help you Become a Sales Superstar!

7 Success Factors That Will Help Make You a Sales Superstar!Watch this video on YouTube There are seven success factors that are practiced by all of the highest-paid salespeople. Application of these principles everyday will virtually guarantee your progress to the top in your field, enable you to achieve your career and financial goals. Seven Read More →

Motivational Video ~ Do you have a vision?

VISION – Motivational VideoWatch this video on YouTube Do you have a vision? Do you have goals that you want to accomplish with many struggles along the way? This motivational video will get you excited and re-charge your batteries for a better tomorrow.