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Kitty’s Xmas 2013

Hello there, I have been very busy at school and did not update my blog for a while… I am on holidays now until the 7th of January. See my Christmas photos and what I got for Christmas… Merry Christmas to you all! Bye now, Kitty The iPad Fairy 

It’s Winter now… I’ll be in Red Everyday!

Hello there, It’s getting cold now in the morning when I go to school. You know how I like red…. I’ll be in red everyday! Bye now. Kitty The iPad Fairy

Blog Beast Sample – Kitty the iPad Fairy

Today, I have been working on my daughter’s blog. I am using the Empower Network viral blogging system called the Blog Beast because it is very simple to use and I can create as many blogs as I wish with a single account. This will be a very nice Blog Beast sample for those who want to see how Read More →

Christina Likes the Piano and the Beach…

Hi, this is Christina here. You can call me Kitty! Last year, I started to play the piano… that was fun. This year, I enjoyed the beach a lot with my mom. Watch my videos and comment below That’s all for now. Bye, bye! Kitty The iPad Fairy

Kitty the iPad Fairy!

Hi there, Do you know why my dad calls me the iPad Fairy? Well, look at my photographs. I started very young with the iPad 1. Now, I have the iPad 2… and I still love it. It helps me to learn English words and numbers. Bye now, Kitty The iPad Fairy