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Lisa Williams Medium – Tyler’s Apartment

Lisa Williams Medium: Lisa Williams Medium, my favorite psychic, is visiting Tyler’s apartment where strange things have been happening. Lisa sits down with Tyler who explains that the apartment has been empty for 17 years before he moved in 4 years ago. The postman at the time told him: “Oh, you are moving in the Read More →

Medium Lisa Williams Live

Lisa Williams: This Sunday, a little entertainment with this amazing video about Lisa Williams‘ public reading. Lisa Williams is my favorite psychic, what she says moves me it will you too! If you think there is nothing after death, think twice. And don’t forget your Kleenex while watching. Lisa Williams Psychic Medium Lisa Williams 2013 Read More →

Lisa Williams – Paige’s Reading

Lisa Williams: This will be a short post today and an incredible reading by Lisa Williams. Paige’s fiancé was killed when kicked by a horse. He was then put on life-support and Paige had to turn-off the machine to let him go. Lisa Williams was able to get so many details no one would know Read More →

The Shores Restaurant – Lisa Williams

The Shores Restaurant: A lot of strange things are going on in the The Shores Restaurant. The bartenders and patrons seem to be OK with it as they do not feel or see anything unusual, but the owners do. This is the reason why Lisa Williams has come to visit Mike and Judy to see Read More →

Clairvoyant Reading – Lisa Williams

Clairvoyant Reading: Do you believe in Clairvoyant Reading? I used to be very skeptical of people claiming having clairvoyance abilities, but what you can see in many of these famous clairvoyants’ shows can be very disturbing. Often, the clairvoyant or medium doesn’t have a way to know certain things about a deceased. I am particularly stunned Read More →